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Questions About PocketBIM?

Let's get them answered for you right here.

How does it work?

Simply sign up for our Beta and get started by picking your renovation project template.</p> <p>Then use our innovative tools and guided steps to make your renovation a perfect one.

What are PocketBIM tools?

Our handy toolkit allows you to easily take measurements, use your device as a mean to balance, take pictures to share and more!

How much does it cost?

We want you to try PocketBIM as much as possible and help us with your amazing feedback! PocketBIM beta is free till be launch. All our beta users will also get great discounts when we launch.

Who should use PocketBIM?

Anyone doing a home renovation should be signing up right away. From DIY renovators to even contractors.</p> <p>Our demo users gave their contractors PocketBIM to allow them to follow the process of their renovations easily.

Build better with the PocketBIM App

We're constantly working on simple new features to make your next renovation even faster and easier! Get the app today and tranform your project by tomorrow.